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New products being launched from XALT Energy at The Battery Show

The Battery Show XALT Energy Booth #1501The Battery Show is the largest in North America. In 2016 The Battery Show had 535 exhibiting companies, 171 speakers and 6,936 attendees including representatives from Google, NASA, Apple, EnerSys, LG Chem, Sony Energy. The show brings people together throughout the industry in an “exciting event where the latest products are launched, ideas are born, relationships are strengthened and new partnerships are forged” according to the show organizer, Smarter Shows. Over 500 companies have registered so far to exhibit in 2017.


Competition is heating up in the Electric Transportation Bus Segment

New Flyer, and its next generation electric bus – the Xcelsior CHARGE, capable of fitting in a 600 kWh battery on the standard 40-foot model. If you think that’s not enough, go for the 60-foot articulated model – which can equip a battery pack of 885 kWh! The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has already ordered 35 60-foot Xcelsior electric buses with options for another 65 more – and the maker uses technology sourced from well-known companies, such as XALT Energy or A123 Systems for the batteries, and Siemens for the motors.

XALT Launches Second-Generation Battery Technology

XALT Energy, the Michigan-based manufacturer of lithium-ion cells and battery systems, has introduced a new modular battery pack that is the first to use the company’s second-generation cell technology. The XMOD114E, which debuted at the APTA show in Atlanta, is an...


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