Marine and Maritime

Unpredictable fuel cost swings along with ever-changing seas of environmental and safety standards are driving a growing shift toward hybrid diesel electric propulsion in both the IMO and Sub IMO markets. Researchers in lithium-ion technology from XALT Energy are working alongside top maritime designers, naval architects and builders to lead this new wave of propulsion technologies to provide proven, reliable marine energy alternatives.

Golden Gate Zero Emission Ferry
McKay Ika Rere Electric Catamaran

The Power of Hybridizing Shipping Vessels

Contributes to IMO’s International Efforts to Reduce Atmospheric Pollution and Address Climate Change

Makes Ships More Environmentally Friendly

Reduces Fuel and Operating Costs

Parallel Battery Strings Ensure Operating Redundancy; Batteries Will Kick in and Ensure No Loss of Service

Competitive Total Cost of Ownership compared to conventional maritime power sources

Transparent Ferry with Batteries and Descriptions
Super Ferry XALT Batteries and Rack

XRS-2 XPAND Battery Rack System

Unparalleled safety, versatility and dependability now available for large-scale marine electrical energy storage needs