When Energy Positively Has to Be There

To remain competitive, commercial fleet owners must have vehicles that run longer, leaner and more reliably than ever — while remaining compliant to environmental regulations and being true to their own corporate sustainability goals.

Commercial and delivery vehicles operating in the urban environment operate at speeds below 45 mph with a lot of stop and go driving. In these scenarios each stop represents an opportunity to regenerate energy back into the battery thereby increasing the overall range of the vehicle while reducing the amount of energy storage that must be carried on board.

The Solution

XALT Energy is helping to lead the way. We work side by side with fleet owners, operators, system integrators and OEMs to design and deliver lithium-ion systems for a wide variety of vehicles. Our combination of high energy, high power and high-rate charging makes our systems perfectly suited for bus systems and delivery vehicles. Those systems offer:

Time-Tested and Proven Lithium-Ion Chemistries

Long Cycle Life

High Energy and High Power

High Energy and Power Density

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Quiet, Clean, Sustainable

Our NMC/G Cell Technology

Offers an unprecedented balance of energy, power, lifetime performance and safety that is a perfect fit for those vehicles that need to run all day on a single charge

With XPAND Modular Pack (XMP) and Our System Engineering and Design Services

Greater system reliability that will last the lifetime of the vehicle, it’s the ideal combination when your success depends on the performance of your fleet

The Power is in Your Hands

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

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We knew integrating the battery-electric bus on the proven Xcelsior platform using experienced component and systems suppliers, was essential to provide transit agencies the opportunity to enhance their in-service uptime. The integration of the Siemens ELFA drive motor and lithium-ion battery packs from XALT Energy into the XE40 resulted in outstanding performance and we experienced no propulsion or battery issues throughout the entire test program. Unscheduled repair labor hours for the Xcelsior XE40 were significantly lower than any other electric buses tested at Altoona.

Chris Stoddart
President, North American Bus & Coach, New Flyer