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XALT Rack System (XRS-2)

XRS-2 with Pack and CellsThe XRS-2 is a highly configurable rack system designed to contain XPAND XMP battery system components for marine applications. The rack holds DNV type approval for vibration specifications and resists the harshest corrosive environments, all while minimizing size and weight. It is exceptionally easy to install, service and upgrade while being modular and expandable, width and height can be optimized for any application. The XRS-2 can be populated with any of the XPAND XMP sub-packs. Specialized coatings provide extreme resistance against corrosion.


  • Designed for use with XPAND XMP sub-packs
  • Easy to install, configure, and upgrade
  • Integrated liquid cooling distribution and off-gas ventilation ducting
  • Expandable to virtually no limit