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Lithium-Ion Cells at the Heart of High Performance

XALT Energy is a true leader in cell technology. Our lithium-ion cell technology combines lithium-ion chemistry, low-impedance cell design and world class manufacturing systems to give customers an unprecedented cost/performance advantage over any other technology. Our automation processes deliver cell quality and consistency that is unlike any other in the world. Our precision automated stacking of electrodes gives your cells consistent cell performance and vastly improved lifetime.

We offer NMC/Graphite chemistries to cover a wide range of applications. Each can be made into 2 sizes and a variety of different thicknesses. In addition, each has designs for the power to energy ratio needed.

Nickel Manganese Cobalt – Graphite (NMC-G)

XALT Energy Nickel Manganese Cobalt cathode cells with Graphite anodes (NMC/G) offer a great balance of power and energy with high reliability, safety with lower total cost of ownership.


  • Great reliability, consistent high quality and robust technology
  • Proven chemistry since 1998
  • Pouch style cell
  • Larger surface area allows for better heat dissipation