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Battery Management System

Voltage & temperature parametric management example performed by XALT BMSThe BMS is the “brains” of the XPAND system providing the monitoring, balancing and safety functionality for the system.

The main job of the BMS is to maintain the lithium-ion cells within their safe operating range regardless of the demands being placed on them. This means the ability to accurately predict operating situations that have the potential for creating over-voltage or under-voltage conditions, as well as high or low temperature conditions – then reacting quickly and safely to prevent those conditions from occurring.

• Proven, AEC qualified components
• Sealed enclosure (IP67/IP69)
• Modular & flexible design – components are interchangable and auto-addressing
• Scalable 4-360 series cell groups
• Supports single cell and parallel cell groupings

• Power, SOC, and SOH prediction
• Thermal system control and interface
• Charger control interface
• CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B, J1939 application
• Robust 2-wire communication with 1250VDC isolation working voltage

• Passive balancing up to 5W / Cell
• High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) monitoring of each battery string and the application
• Redundant contactor control features to ensure safe operation
• Supports ASIL D voltage measurement and ASIL C current measurement
• Compatible with all Li chemistries



Ideal for energy storage applications where high performance and high reliability are key to successful integration:

• Commercial bus & transportation
• Medium and heavy duty trucks
• ISO and sub-ISO marine
• High performance / high voltage apps
• Industrial equipment
• Light rail


• Multi-string management – for large scale systems of parallel battery strings
• Battery system performance algorithms (SOC, SOHc,SOHr, power available, optimal charging)
• High voltage interlock loop monitoring and control
• Isolation resistance measurement
• Battery usage recorder
• Functional safety features protected by SafeRTOS
• Telematics – data collection