Our Newest Addition to the Family of Solutions, XBV: XALT Battery Viewer Telematics System

  • Maximize up-time and performance of your electrified vehicle
  • Easily access and view consolidated data through a web-based portal
  • Save time and money over other more manually intensive tools
  • Get an edge on your competition with the XBV

Introducing the XPAND Rack System (XRS)


  • Easy to install, configure and upgrade
  • DNV-GL certified
  • Thermal and ventilation management
  • Expandable
Xcelsior CHARGE New Flyer's Next Generation Battery-Electric Bus

An Electric Bus Powered by XALT Energy

New Flyer’s Xcelsior CHARGE™ electric bus provides zero emission transportation for your citizens. By helping reduce pollution in urban environments, this transportation breakthrough enables cities a healthier environment for its citizens and future generations.

Lithium Ion Cells XALT Energy

Our Cells

Create your own battery pack solution with our NMC/Graphite or NMC/LTO cells

XPAND and XMOD Lithium Ion Battery Pack from XALT Energy

Total Solutions

XALT Energy’s state-of-the-art Energy Storage System XMOD and XPAND

Battery Management System XALT Energy

XPAND Battery Management System

High Quality/Reliable Performance

Lithium Ion Cells get the XALT Energy Advantage

XALT NMC Advantages

  • Patented, true stacked design
  • Excellent power-to-energy ratio (4:1)
  • Higher voltage capability
  • Lower impedance and heat generation
  • Improved cycle life (5,000+ cycles)
  • Faster charge and discharge capability

XALT XMP Advantages

The XMP cores are designed to accommodate XALT’s family of 225mm cells, anticipating a wide variety of application voltages, powers, and energies. The XMP can be used individually or can be strung together in a parallel series to create large high energy and higher voltage systems.

XPAND battery Pack flexibility

XPAND Battery Pack

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