XALT Partners with MCI to Support Emission-Free Mobility in the U.S.

XALT is powering America’s first, long-distance, all-electric passenger coach. The bus will be available to US transportation leaders  to test next-generation powertrain technology and improved accessibility developments “We are prepared to deliver a 100 percent battery electric coach that performs the same or better than our current clean diesel, hybrid and CNG models,” said Ian Smart, MCI president.

XALT Energy Powered Hybrid Catamaran Named One of Ten Significant Boats of 2019

This cargo vessel is an all-aluminum catamaran electrically propelled hybrid. The system builds on the company’s proven technology that powers more than 10,000 transit buses around the world to bring a fully integrated system to the water. The accessory power system powers all equipment on the vessel such as the cargo refrigeration units, lighting, pumps, HVAC and crane using XALT’s electrical power.

XALT Introduces Low Profile Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Commercial Vehicles

XLP Pack offers scalable high-density battery electric storage in a low profile package for commercial applications. Advanced system technology leverages XALT’s XPAND product line for ease of integration and compatibility. Production to begin in 2021 with existing cell chemistry; upgradable with new cell chemistries under development.

Our Newest Addition to the Family of Solutions, XBV: XALT Battery Viewer Telematics System

  • Maximize up-time and performance of your electrified vehicle
  • Easily access and view consolidated data through a web-based portal
  • Save time and money over other more manually intensive tools
  • Get an edge on your competition with the XBV
Xcelsior CHARGE New Flyer's Next Generation Battery-Electric Bus

An Electric Bus Powered by XALT Energy

New Flyer’s Xcelsior CHARGE™ electric bus provides zero emission transportation for your citizens. By helping reduce pollution in urban environments, this transportation breakthrough enables cities a healthier environment for its citizens and future generations.

Who We Are

XALT Energy is a global innovator in energy storage technologies, offering solutions from long cycle life cells to complete DNV-GL type approved battery packs, advanced battery management systems with telematics and innovative battery racking systems.  Our headquarters and manufacturing site is located in Midland, MI USA and our research and development center is in Pontiac, MI.  We are able to have global reach through our majority parent, Freudenberg, who has been in business since 1849 and has operations in more than 60 countries. 

Lithium Ion Cells XALT Energy

Our Cells

Create your own battery pack solution with our NMC/Graphite

XPAND and XMOD Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Total Solutions

XALT Energy’s state-of-the-art Energy Storage System XMOD and XPAND

Battery Management System

XPAND Battery Management System

High Quality/Reliable Performance

Lithium Ion Cells get the XALT Energy Advantage

XALT NMC Advantages

  • Patented, true stacked design
  • Excellent power-to-energy ratio (4:1)
  • Higher voltage capability
  • Lower impedance and heat generation
  • Improved cycle life (5,000+ cycles)
  • Faster charge and discharge capability

XALT XMP Advantages

The XMP cores are designed to accommodate XALT’s family of 225mm cells, anticipating a wide variety of application voltages, powers, and energies. The XMP can be used individually or can be strung together in a parallel series to create large high energy and higher voltage systems.

XPAND battery Pack flexibility

XPAND Battery Pack

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