The XPAND Modular Pack (XMP) is the core building block of XALT Energy’s state of the art Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on XALT Energy’s world class lithium-ion cell designs. XMP is designed for use in multiple applications including hybrid and electric commercial truck, bus and heavy-duty transportation; hybrid and electric marine power and propulsion, rail and mining applications.
Upgradeable, Ultra-Long Lifecycle
XMP core accommodates cells in XALT’s 225mm family without the need for retooling, anticipating a wide variety of application voltage, power, and energy. As cell technologies advance or packs become available for re-purposing, the XMP core can be replaced while all external interfaces remain the same.
Modular and Flexible Design
Easy to customize high voltage, low voltage and cooling interfaces to each application. All connections at front panel; rear access not needed for installation.
Advanced Thermal Management
XMP’s advanced active liquid cooling system maintains ideal cell temperatures throughout the pack and responds quickly to increases in power demand and changes in ambient (environmental) temperatures. Efficient direct liquid cooling prolongs cell life under the most demanding cycle profiles and severe environments, while maintaining full IP67 sealing performance.


The XMP96P sub-pack provides 9.6kWh total energy. With over 4.4C discharge and 3.9C charge capability, XMP96P is ideal for applications with high discharge power demands or intense regenerative capture.LEARN MORE »

XMP 123E

The XMP123E sub-pack provides 12.3kWh total energy. Designed for use with moderate charge and discharge rates (1C and 2C, respectively), XMP123E is ideal for high energy applications requiring long usage periods between on-plug charging.LEARN MORE »



Our battery packs are designed to power a variety of heavy and medium duty applications across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from school and transit buses to mining and construction equipment. Long-term performance and robustness are key characteristics that make our pack withstand the rough conditions of these use cases.

XRANGE incorporates our widely proven BMS, our thermal management system and our enhanced safety features, which include active thermal event detection, coolant leakage detection, overcharge protection, non-flammable separator, and passive short-circuit protection. Liquid cooling of each module ensures a uniform temperature spread enabling enhanced pack lifetime and available power.

Battery Expertise
Our deep understanding of cell design and production ensures accuracy in performance and analysis.
Reliable Service
Our field service team offers comprehensive service throughout the battery lifecycle, including customized engineering, commissioning, on-site training, telematics, field support, and recycling assistance.
Proven Track Record
Our battery packs and cells have served a range of unique applications for more than 10 years, resulting in over 1500 vehicle installations, and adding up to >60 million miles driven.
XRANGE Battery Pack


The XRANGE pack provides 104kWh total energy. With over 2C charge and discharge capability, XRANGE is ideal for high energy applications requiring long usage periods between on-plug charging.LEARN MORE »

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