XALT Energy is Your Total System Solution Provider With a Zero Excuses Philosophy

The performance, safety and cost of ownership of an energy storage system depends not only on the quality of the cell itself, but how well the other parts of the system work together in demanding environments. We have brought together highly skilled mechanical, electrical, thermal and software engineers, world-class manufacturing capabilities and a powerful commitment to customer support to help create energy storage systems that help power your innovations. Through our engineering process we evaluated over 2,000 different sets of requirements from multiple industries in order to develop a robust building block with customizable features that allow optimized system solutions.

XALT Cells

We offer NMC/Graphite chemistries to cover a wide range of applications. Each can be made into 2 sizes and a variety of different thicknesses. In addition, each has designs for the power to energy ratio needed.


The XPAND Pack (XMP) is the core building blocks of XALT Energy’s highly integrated Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on XALT Energy’s world class lithium-ion cell designs. XRANGE incorporates our widely proven BMS, our thermal management system and our enhanced safety features.

Battery Management System

The main job of the BMS is to maintain the lithium-ion cells within their safe operating range regardless of the demands being placed on them. This means the ability to accurately predict operating situations that have the potential for creating over-voltage or under-voltage conditions, as well as high or low temperature conditions – then reacting quickly and safely to prevent those conditions from occurring.

Battery Controls

The BDU manages individual strings of series-connected XMP subpacks through its on-board String Controller Unit (SCU), pre-charge circuit, current sensor, and contactors. The MCU manages multiple parallel strings (up to 24) while providing a single and simple interface to the application controller.

XALT Rack System (XRS-2)

he XRS-2 is a highly configurable rack system designed to contain XPAND XMP battery system components for marine applications. The rack holds DNV type approval for vibration specifications and resists the harshest corrosive environments, all while minimizing size and weight. It is exceptionally easy to install, service and upgrade while being modular and expandable, width and height can be optimized for any application. The XRS-2 can be populated with any of the XPAND XMP sub-packs. Specialized coatings provide extreme resistance against corrosion.

XALT Battery Viewer (XBV)

Access any of your battery systems in applications world-wide through the XBV Portal. The XBV telematics system consists of a control unit and an all-in-one antenna that allows you access to data that has been consolidated for easy viewing from virtually any electronic device that can be connected to a web-based portal.

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