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XALT Energy Cells Power Stationary Energy Systems

Weinheim (Germany), December 8, 2020. The Freudenberg Group’s lithium-ion battery operation, XALT Energy, is supplying high-performance battery pouch cells to Commeo GmbH, under the terms of a long-term purchasing agreement. The cells are being used in Commeo’s stationary energy storage systems. Commeo, a German energy system specialist, is using the cells in a wide range of system applications that will provide an uninterruptible, flexible energy supply.

Due to the growing private and industrial demands for energy and the shift away from base-load capable conventional power plants to renewable energies which can create greater fluctuations in the power grid, the need for stationary energy storage systems worldwide continues to grow. By delaying the storage and delivery of energy, these systems can contribute to the supply security and stability of the electricity grid. They also can supply energy when needed to prevent extreme power peaks and accompanying increased grid charges.

Another application area is the emergency power supply for automation systems: If there is a power failure at large companies, for example, stationary storage systems temporarily supply energy, preventing expensive production shutdowns. The storage systems are also used to provide energy to electric, emission-free and maintenance-free, driverless transport systems. The growing use of electric mobility is creating additional demand for stationary energy storage systems. This is because charging stations for vehicles place high demands on the grid connections, which can be met by battery systems.

Their high capacity and high cycle life capabilities make the battery cells from XALT Energy ideally suited for such applications: Power cells from XALT, which are cells with high charge and discharge rates, perform more than 10,000 cycles at a depth of discharge of 80 percent, for example, thus ensuring the systems’ desired longevity and reliability.

“Quality and reliability are very important to Commeo, both in terms of components and suppliers,” explains Frank Vöge, Head of Sales of Commeo GmbH. “That is why XALT Energy is the partner of choice.”

“In Commeo GmbH, we have found a strategic partner with whom we can establish the XALT cells in high-performance systems for stationary energy storage systems and emergency power supply on the market in the long term – and we can also develop new applications for them,” says Nils Martens, Senior Vice President Battery & Fuel Cell Systems at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, explaining the focus of the partnership.

The first systems with battery cells from XALT will be delivered in the first quarter of 2021.

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