2020 Adopt-a-Highway Concludes

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2020 Adopt-a-Highway Concludes

September concluded the second year of XALT Energy’s adoption of a 4.42 mile stretch of Business US-10 in Midland County through the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Adopt-a-Highway Program. Volunteers completed roadside clean up in July and September in 2020. The April clean up was cancelled by MDOT due to COVID-19.

Throughout the past two years, XALT has had 45 volunteers collect 215 bags of trash in the 4.42 mile stretch of adopted highway. So far XALT has donated 132 man hours towards the mission of keeping our state highways clean.

Our team looks at the mission as a treasure hunt. What will we find during this cleanup? So far, the they have retrieved from the roadside easily explainable items from car parts including a car hood to construction materials such as a roll of carpet padding and three rolls of roof felt.  There are always the obscure items as well that have ranged from a bottle of BBs to a bag of horse feed and a Duante Culpepper trading card.

We now have until April to be wondering, “What will we find next?”