Service Day 2020

For the past six years Freudenberg has had their Regional Service Day on the third Friday in September. During the Freudenberg Regional Service Day, over 60 locations participate in a variety of social responsibility activities. This is the first year XALT Energy participated in Regional Service Day. We quickly came to realize that 2020 was not going to be a normal year, and Service Day, as with everything, would need to be coordinated differently than Freudenberg had done in the past. The need for help in communities is larger than it has been in last ten years, especially after the failure of two dams northwest of XALT’s Midland facility caused flooding in 5 counties.

XALT Energy chose Midland’s Open Door to benefit from their Service Day collection activities. Midland’s Open Door welcomes the vulnerable and distressed, providing meaningful help in the form of food, shelter, clothing and lasting hope through healthy supportive relationships. XALT employees collected and donated food, grocery store gift certificates, toiletries, cleaning supplies, gently used clothing and fulfilled items from Open Door’s Amazon Wish List. All items were collected in boxes that were placed at the main entry doors in their Midland facility.

Food, toiletries and cleaning supplies donated to Midland’s Open Door by XALT Energy employees.

On Regional Service Day, Friday, September 18, the items were collected, completely filling an SUV. Midland’s Open Door was overwhelmed by the response and was unable to accept all the clothing. XALT decided to spread the remaining clothing donation to Saginaw County’s Underground Railroad as Saginaw County was also hit hard by the flooding. The underground railroad provides services for survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and human slavery.  

XALT Energy employee stands with two Underground Railroad volunteers at their Saginaw donation center in front of bags and boxes of gently used clothing donated by XALT employees.

XALT Energy is proud, despite the challenges of 2020, that our employees were able to make our first Freudenberg Regional Service Day such a huge success!