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Our battery packs are designed to power a variety of heavy and medium duty applications across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from school and transit buses to mining* and construction equipment*. Long-term performance and robustness are key characteristics that make our pack withstand the rough conditions of these use cases.

XRANGE incorporates our widely proven BMS, our thermal management system and our enhanced safety features, which include active thermal event detection, coolant leakage detection, overcharge protection, non-flammable separator, and passive short-circuit protection. Liquid cooling of each module ensures a uniform temperature spread enabling enhanced pack lifetime and available power.

Customer Benefits

  • Battery expertise: Our deep understanding of cell design and production ensures accuracy in performance and analysis.
  • Reliable service: Our field service team offers comprehensive service throughout the battery lifecycle, including customized engineering, commissioning, on-site training, telematics, field support, and recycling assistance.
  • Track record: Our battery packs and cells have served a range of unique applications for more than 10 years, resulting in over 1500 vehicle installations, and adding up to >60 million miles driven
  • Secure supply: Our XRANGE pack production facility includes state-of the art assembly lines and logistics for on-time supply at the highest quality standards
  • Financial stability: As part of the Freudenberg Group, we offer long-term partnerships and ensure reliable service for value-optimized battery systems.

System Support

  • Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU)
  • Master Control Unit (MCU)
  • XALT Battery Viewer (XBV) Telematics
*Requires review of specific regional or application requirements.

Lifecycle Support

  • XPAND Service Tool
  • Remote Data Monitoring & Prognostics
  • Pack Replacement Maintaining Interface Connections
  • End-of-Life Re-purposing, Recycling
  • Integration Support
  • On-site Training Classes
XRANGE showing BMS and BDU, HV and LV connectors, coolant port and manual service disconnect
Target Pack Specification
Min / Max. Voltage540 V / 756 VPeak Charge RateUp to 2C
Nominal Energy (kWh)104Cont. Charge RateUp to 1C
Weight (kg)589Peak Discharge RateUp to 2C
Gravimetric Energy Density (Wh/kg)176Cont. Discharge RateUp to 1C
Volumetric Energy Density (Wh/L)247Pending CertificationsIP69K, ECE R100.3 / R10,
UN38.3, SAE J2929, ISO 20653
Dimensions (L x W x H)2000 mm x 700 mm x 300 mm
XRANGE shown in Heavy and Medium Duty Trucks and Bus

Our XRANGE battery pack is especially designed for heavy-duty applications like trucks, buses and delivery vehicles.