***Effective March 29, 2018, the XMOD114E has been replaced with the XMOD111E***

American Public Transportation Association (APTA) EXPO 2017, Atlanta, October 9, 2017

XALT Energy, a leading U.S. manufacturer of lithium-ion cells and battery systems, announced today that it is offering the XMOD114E, making it the first XMOD Modular Pack to use second-generation (Gen II) cell technology. The XMOD114E serves as an ultra-high density lithium-ion battery building block for highly-integrated energy storage systems based on XALT Energy’s high-performance lithium-ion cells. The modular pack delivers an industry-leading specific energy of 175 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg), setting a new benchmark when it comes to energy density, life and robustness for lithium-ion batteries. XMOD114E is specifically designed for use in heavy-duty transportation vehicles, such as commercial transit buses, as well as trucking, marine, and stationary applications.


The XMOD114E modules have the same core construction as the exceptionally durable, direct liquid-cooled XPAND battery packs but without the enclosure and bulkhead. The XMOD114E design is optimized for large systems where the integrator installs the modules in a suitable superstructure. Eliminating individual pack enclosures saves system weight and allows the modules to be packaged close to each other, resulting in much higher energy storage capacity in the available space. Furthermore, with the modules enclosed in a superstructure, high voltage connections can be made directly to the XMOD terminals, thereby eliminating the need for costly high voltage connectors.

The XMOD114E module incorporates XALT Energy’s Gen II 65Ah Ultra-High Energy (UHE) cells in a 2p24s architecture to provide 11.4 kilowatt-hour (kWh) total energy. Designed for use with moderate charge and discharge rates (C/2 and 2C, respectively), XMOD114E is ideal for high-energy applications requiring long usage periods between on-plug charging, such as extended range transit buses.


Jason Lambert director of mechanical engineering and system integration

Jason Lambert director of mechanical engineering and system integration

“Our team has met and collaborated with leading bus OEMs, operators, drivers and service technicians to identify and address major gaps in the electric vehicle (EV) bus market that are now addressed with the introduction of XALT Energy’s XMOD114E solution,” said Jason Lambert, director of mechanical engineering and system integration at XALT Energy. “Customers have already been providing fantastic feedback in regard to ease of installation, performance in the vehicle and overall value. This truly is an exciting time for homegrown American innovation.”


A key differentiator of XALT Energy is the internal collaboration of its cell development group and battery management groups. Working as one, the combined group ensured system-wide design compatibility with longevity plans for the technology roadmap. The addition of the XMOD to the XPAND product family and the XMOD114E is another step in reaffirming the XALT Energy advantage for developing energy storage solutions.


To learn more about the benefits of XMOD114E and other XALT Energy solutions, please stop by booth #6423 at APTA EXPO 2017. For sales, please contact Mr. Mark Chema at [email protected].

You can download a PDF of the XMOD in our literature section or read more about it here.

About XALT Energy


XALT Energy is an innovator in energy storage technologies based on its advanced lithium-ion chemistries and recently launched XPAND battery pack systems. XALT Energy is capable of handling virtually any energy storage need, anywhere in the world, from a highly automated advanced production facility in Midland, Michigan.


XALT Energy’s focus is on growing demand for high-tech storage solutions in commercial transportation, marine, and industrial motive applications that require long cycle life, durability, and safety.


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