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Our lithium-ion cell technology combines lithium-ion chemistry, low-impedance cell design and world class manufacturing systems to give customers an unprecedented cost/performance advantage over any other technology.
The XPAND Modular Pack (XMP) is the core building block of XALT Energy’s state of the art Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on XALT Energy’s world class lithium-ion cell designs.
The XPAND Module (XMOD) was developed for use in high-voltage, high-capacity multi-module arrays housed in large enclosures to achieve an overall reduction in system mass, volume, and cost.

About us

XALT Energy is capable of handling virtually any energy storage need, anywhere in the world, from our highly automated advanced production facility in Midland, Michigan. Our focus is on the growing demand for high-tech storage solutions in marine, commercial transportation and specialty applications.
XRS-2 Pack and Cell


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As of September 2021, we have changed the organizational structure of our battery business to better accommodate market demands:


XALT Energy, LLC specializes in the development and manufacture of battery cells for heavy duty applications. XALT Energy's focus is on exceptionally durable, cycle-stable cells specifically required to meet the long life and power demands of heavy-duty applications. Our automation processes deliver high cell quality and consistency, reliable performance, and significantly improved lifetime.


For more information, please continue to www.xaltenergy.com.  


Freudenberg Battery Power Systems, LLC, focuses on the development, assembly, and service of battery systems for heavy-duty applications like buses, trucks, and ships. For our standard systems, we offer power and energy systems. We also develop tailormade systems in closed cooperation with our customers: Thanks to our high vertical integration, all system developments are carried out completely in-house, independent of external suppliers. In addition to cells from XALT Energy, we also process cells from leading manufacturers worldwide.


For more information, please visit www.fbps.com.


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