XALT Battery Viewer (XBV)

The XBV telematics system consists of a control unit and an all-in-one antenna that allows you to access data that has been consolidated for easy viewing from virtually any electronic device that can be connected to a web-based portal.


• Multiple connectivity options (2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi)
• Easily integrated into new designs or existing systems
• Adhesive mount antenna for quick and non-intrusive installation
• Robust electrical and mechanical design
• Wide range of operating voltages
• Supports multiple CAN baud rates
• Historical location tracking and Geofence capabilities
• Diagnostic reporting capabilities
• Generate reports and view logs


  • Access to any of your battery systems in applications world-wide through the XBV Portal
  • Intuitive dashboards to view all critical battery system information
  • Monitor the status all of your battery systems simultaneously on one interactive map
  • Data gives companies the ability to provide a prognostic approach to servicing end-customers’ applications
  • Reduces down-time by knowing when to schedule service and being able to respond quickly to system issues

Driving Status Monitoring Dashboard

The driving status monitoring dashboard included pertinent information including:

  • Number of Connected Strings
  • State of Charge
  • Battery System Current Charting
  • Discharge and Regen Current Charting
  • Status of Each Battery String
Master Control Unit

Battery System Location

  • Status indication
  • Satellite or road map view
  • Location trail capability

System Wide Overview Dashboard

A selection of a variety of dashboards are available. The system wide overview dashboard will display:

  • Max and Min Cell Voltages
  • Max and Min Module Temperatures
  • Max and Min String Voltages
  • Cell Voltage Deltas
  • Module Temperature Deltas
  • Locations of Min and Max Values
  • All strings in the system or just strings that are currently connected

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