A Powerful Solution for Specialty Applications

Introducing RELAY

Specialty Applications: Another XALT Advantage

XALT Energy delivers advanced energy storage solutions for your specialty vehicles.

For customers around the world, we manufacture lithium-ion power sources that deliver:

  • High power and energy densities
  • Long life cycles
  • Lower mass and compact sizes for packaging flexibility
  • Quality and reliability

We also offer real-time monitoring, field service and support. This unique combination gives you one-source accountability and a single warranty for the entire system.

Recently, Miller Technology has implemented XALT Energy products in their new RELAY vehicle. RELAY is a fully electric utility and support vehicle for mining operations. The Relay features an industry first hybrid charging system which allows for both off-board DC fast charging and on-board AC opportunity charging. The RELAY also features a dynamic braking system that prevents unwanted accelerations and maximizes range by converting excess kinetic energy into electrical energy.

XALT Energy combines proven lithium-ion technology with manufacturing expertise, our deep knowledge of the specialty application market and key strategic partners.

“The RELAY represents a long term vision for Miller Technology. The impact of diesel equipment can be significant in a mining situation. The RELAY has no emissions and generates far less heat than diesel equipment which means it is saving our clients in terms of lost time.”

Hugh McDermid

Product Research & Business Development, Miller Technology Incorporated

“We were very keen to design a product to assist our clients in reducing; their carbon footprint, down times due to emissions, costs associated with replacement parts, noise pollution and stress related driver injuries.”

Paul Summers

Lead Developer, Miller Technology Incorporated

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