A Powerful Solution for Grid and Stationary

Grid & Stationary XALT Advantage

Today, the global energy industry is increasing the application of Smart Grid technology, distributed energy solutions and renewable sources. As momentum continues to build in the grid and stationary market, the demand for safe and reliable energy storage solutions is climbing to new heights. Whether the service is in the heart of the city or in the remotest of locations, XALT Energy leverages lithium-ion technology to deliver reliable, constant power supply solutions. Failure — system failure — is not an option.

3 Lithium Ion XALT Cells

XALT Energy Delivers High-Energy, High-Power Lithium-Ion Technology for:

  • Stationary utility, industrial and grid storage
  • Renewable integration of solar/wind energy
  • Smart Grid applications
  • Telecommunications

XALT Energy Ensures You Have Energy Wherever You Need It.

XALT Energy Systems Provide Advantages:

  • Proven lithium ion technology
  • Long cycle life
  • High power and energy densities
  • High continuous discharge rate
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Total system engineering/design capabilities
3 Lithium Ion XALT Cells