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The XALT Energy Advantage

  • High specific energy and volumetric energy density
  • Intended for high power, high charge rate applications
  • Outstanding safety and abuse tolerance
  • Efficient direct liquid cooling maintains ideal cell temperatures
  • Easy to install, configure, and upgrade
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified production environment

Modular and Flexible Design

  • Simplified high voltage, low voltage and cooling interfaces to each application
  • All connections at front panel; rear access not needed
  • Designed for use in very large strings and pack combinations
    • Up to 1250V per string, and up to 24 strings in parallel

System Support

  • Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU)
  • Master Control Unit (MCU)
  • Low Voltage Harness (LVH) Kit
  • XALT Battery Viewer (XBV) Telematics

Lifecycle Support

  • XPAND Service Tool
  • Remote Data Monitoring & Prognostics
  • Module Replacement Maintaining Interface Connections
  • End-of-Life Re-purposing, Recycling
  • Integration Support
  • On-site Training Classes
Capacity (Rated @ C/2)110Ah
Discharge Energy Rated @ (C/2)9,768Wh
Nominal Voltage88.8VDC
Specific Power*≥653W/kg
Specific Energy≥151Wh/kg
Energy Density≥182Wh/l
Discharge Peak*4.3C / 475A
Charge Peak*3.8C / 420A
Discharge Continuous**2.7C / 300A
Charge Continuous**2.7C / 300A
Dimension (all versions incl. base)(L) 720mm (W) 276mm (H) 269mm

*10 seconds duration
**Cell performance will be affected by temperature, SoC, SoH, aging, etc.

Cycle Life
100% DOD Cycles @ 1C charge-discharge> 4,000 cycles***
80% DOD Cycles @ 1C charge-discharge> 10,000 cycles***

***Cycle life to 80% of rated capacity at 23°C room temperature with 10 min. step rest