Introducing the XPAND Family of Energy Storage Systems

The XPAND Modular Pack (XMP) is the core building block of XALT Energy’s state of the art Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on XALT Energy’s world class lithium-ion cell designs. XMP is designed for use in multiple applications including hybrid and electric commercial truck, bus and heavy duty transportation; hybrid and electric marine power and propulsion, rail and mining applications.

XPAND Battery Pack


The XMP cores are designed to accommodate XALT’s family of 225mm cells, anticipating a wide variety of application voltages, powers, and energies. The XMP can be used individually or can be strung together in series and parallel to create large high energy and higher voltage systems.

Customizable Solutions

XPAND’s “variable bulkhead” design allows customized selections of interfaces (for example connectors, fuses) without having to redesign or retool the rest of the pack.

Advanced Thermal Management

XMP packs utilize an advanced, active liquid cooling system that maintains consistent cell temperatures throughout the pack and to respond quickly to temperature fluctuations due to ambient conditions of high cell duty cycles. No need for bulky air plenums, noisy fans, conditioned air, and costly filter maintenance. Energy efficient direct liquid cooling prolongs cell life under the most demanding cycles.

Introducing the XMOD Energy Storage System

The XPAND Module (XMOD) is XALT Energy’s ultra-high-density lithium-ion battery building block for highly-integrated Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on XALT Energy’s world-class lithium-ion cells. XMOD was developed for use in high-voltage, high-capacity multi-module arrays housed in large enclosures to achieve an overall reduction in system mass, volume, and cost. XMOD is designed for use in heavy duty transportation vehicles like commercial trucks and buses, as well as marine and stationary applications.

Saving System Cost, Weight and Space

XMOD modules have the same core construction as the exceptionally durable XPAND battery packs, but without
the enclosure and bulkhead. The XMOD design is optimized for large systems where the integrator installs the modules in a suitable superstructure. Eliminating individual pack enclosures saves system weight and allows these industry-leading 175 Wh/kg modules to be packaged very close to each other, resulting in higher energy storage capacity in the available space. Furthermore, with the module arrays enclosed in a superstructure, high voltage connections can be made directly to the XMOD terminals, thereby eliminating the need for costly HV connector pairs.

Upgradeable, Ultra-Long Lifecycle Roadmap

The XMOD module is designed to accommodate cells in XALT’s 225mm family without the need for retooling, anticipating a wide variety of application voltage, power, and energy. This means as XALT’s cell technologies advance or modules become available for re-purposing, each XMOD can be replaced while all external interfaces remain the same.

Advanced Thermal Management

XMOD uses the same advanced, active liquid cooling system as XALT Energy’s XPAND packs, maintaining ideal cell temperatures throughout the module and responding quickly to increases in power demand or ambient temperatures. Efficient direct liquid cooling prolongs cell life under the most demanding cycle profiles, while reducing packaging volume.

Maximizing Energy without Sacrificing Volume, Weight or Safety

The XMOD111E module uses XALT’s 63Ah SE cells in a 2p24s architecture to provide 11.1kWh total energy. Designed for use with moderate charge and discharge rates (1C and 2C, respectively), XMOD111E is ideal for high energy applications requiring long usage periods between on-plug charging. Each module contains Voltage-Temperature-Balancing boards (VTBs) which measure voltages of all 24 cell pairs and internal pack temperatures, and perform cell balancing to maximize energy throughput. XMOD111E is designed for use with XALT’s Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU) and Master Control Unit (MCU). As with all modules in the XMOD and XMP families, XMOD111E is designed for use in large battery arrays to provide hundreds of kWh in demanding mobile and stationary environments.

XMOD Battery Module
XMOD Battery Modules in Enclosure

Performance  Characteristic XMP 76PXMP 111EXMOD 111E
XALT Lithium-ion CellAh43 SHP63 SE63 SE
Pack ConfigurationP / S2P 24S2P 24S2P 24S
Voltage (Nominal)V88.888.388.3
Discharge Energy (C/2)Wh7,636 (C/2)11,100 (C/10)11,100 (C/10)
Specific EnergyWh/Kg≥100≥146≥173
Volumetric Energy DensityWh/L≥118≥173≥208
Dimensions (all versions incl base)mm(W) 303 (L) 753 (H) 282(W) 303 (L) 753 (H) 282(W) 276 (L) 720 (H) 269

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