At the heart of any XALT Energy Storage System is a cell. Our cells feature the most advanced technology in lithium ion chemistry — a proven, safe and reliable system that has been the gold standard of energy storage for more than a decade. 


  • Large Format
    • high surface area
    • flexible capacity
  • Stacked Electrodes
    • parallel plates
    • low impedence
  • Multilayer Pouch
    • light weight
    • cost-effective
    • efficient use of space







  • Flexibility
    • of products
    • of chemistries
    • of processes
  • Quality
    • cells, modules, packs
    • systems and processes
    • manufacturing
  • Cost
    • competing with world leaders
    • automation
    • volume

Lithium-ion systems are known for their high energy density and light weight. They have little or no memory effect and a very slow charge loss when not in use. XALT Energy has been a leader in applying Li-ion technology to marine, commercial transportation, stationary, industrial and automotive applications. 

We continue to refine the technology and explore new applications in our own R&D facilities, and our exploration goes beyond the lithium ion cell and chemistry into the design, engineering and production of the entire battery system, including:

  • Modules
  • Packs
  • Control systems
  • Control software
  • Monitoring and field service

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