JAGUAR FORMULA EWhether it’s powering a bus, a Formula E racecar, a 500-ton tugboat or a small city, an energy storage system is a highly complex system. Every part of that system must work together to get the performance, safety and cost-effectiveness you need. And as each market has different requirements, different solutions may be needed.

XALT Energy has assembled a world class team of industry experts who work with our customers in each market beginning with the early concept development all the way through installation and implementation to define and develop an energy storage system solution that is optimized for each customer’s needs. With our design expertise, engineering capability and manufacturing processes we develop and produce high-quality, turn-key energy storage systems — and provide real-time monitoring, field service and support.

Through sales, R&D, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and sales offices in Asia and the Middle East, we can provide peace of mind to customers anywhere in the world.

To learn how XALT Energy can help power your innovation, contact us to talk about your specific needs.