Jason Lambert Manager of System Engineering
Jason Lambert 
Director of Mechanical Engineering and System Integration - Joined XALT in 2011

The System team provides an adventurous environment having touch points with nearly every area within the larger XALT team.  Since our systems team is in frequent contact with numerous customers, I am often times able to enjoy the rewarding experience of watching our product in action. Seeing batteries in action may not seem exciting to most, but I enjoy watching our technology propel a Formula E car to 140 mph or taking a silent ride on an all electric bus carrying 40+ passengers.

Chris Fulton Production Technical Advisor
Chris Fulton
Supplier Quality Specialist - Joined XALT in 2011 

The fact that I have been able to see this company go from four walls and a roof and working in trailers, to working towards full scale 24 hour operation has been very rewarding. I enjoy the daily interactions that I have with a wide variety of people throughout the company.

Brent Johns  Operations Technican II
Brent Johns
Operations Technician II - Joined XALT in 2011 

When I was hired, the building was empty and there wasn’t one piece of equipment installed yet. We were using a trailer in the parking lot to write work instructions for equipment we had only seen in videos.  To be a part of startup company and watch the technology get installed and work with different contractors daily to help make it happen was very rewarding.

Steve Pugh Maintenance Technican/Electrician
Steve Pugh
Maintenance Technician/Electrician - Joined XALT in 2011
After three years of working as an Operations Technician, I interviewed with the Maintenance Manager and was offered a position as a Maintenance Technician. This was due to my past experience as an Electrician in my previous jobs and personal life. The Fast Start Program really helped me understand how batteries really work.  The program prepared us for what XALT Energy was looking for in an individual as far as their professional and personal qualities. 

Chris Chamberlain Production Supervisor
Chris Chamberlain
Production Supervisor - Joined XALT in 2011 

The most rewarding part of my position is being able to establish the process from the ground up, and having the ability to share ideas and reach decisions based on collaborative efforts rather than being confined to long established rules.