Master Control Unit

XPAND Rack System (XRS)

The XRS contains all battery system components, as well as coolant distribution manifolds and exhaust ventilation ducting. Each rack can contain up to two (2) strings of ten (10) sub-packs, and multiple racks can be connected in a row with exterior panels affixed to make a single, enclosed cabinet.


• XRS142 Type Approved per 2018 DNV-GL (Certificate # TAE00002YC)
• Easy to install, configure, and upgrade
• Outstanding safety and abuse tolerance
• Efficient direct liquid cooling maintains ideal cell temperatures
• IP44 compliant cabinet (with panels installed)
• Expandable to 2.66MWh with single MCU; virtually no limit with multiple MCUs


  • Modular and expandable
  • Multiple racks can be connected in a row and enclosed in a single large cabinet for virtually limitless energy storage capability
  • Racks can be populated with any of the XMP-family sub-packs, from 100V to 1,000V
  • Width and height can be scaled to accommodate any application
  • Exceptionally easy to install, service and upgrade 
  • Thermal and ventilation management

Support Services

  • Detailed installation drawings and battery space arrangement plans
  • Vendor support (e.g., technical instruction to third-party cable and harness suppliers)
  • On-site installation support
  • On-site commissioning support
  • Control panel software and HMI support (local mode options)
  • Project-level DNV-GL support
  • Customized BMS software

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