XALT Energy Partners with United Way of Midland County for Sixth Consecutive Year

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For six consecutive years, XALT Energy has partnered with United Way of Midland County as a Sharing Tree Host. The Sharing Tree helps fulfill over 9,500 holiday wishes and basic needs for families across Midland County. XALT Energy was part of the 305 volunteer elves that gave their time to ensure the Sharing Tree was a success!

Each year the United Way Sharing Tree helps families throughout Midland County with items such as transportation tickets, utility money orders, clothing, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, etc. This year the Sharing Tree Program kicked-off an online Sharing Tree Impact Store. With online shopping growing more popular year by year the United Way saw an opportunity to create a larger impact with the Sharing Tree Program. The online store allows users to purchase basic need items or gifts to help bring holiday joy to those in need in the community.

During the United Way of Midland County’s inaugural online impact store, they received a grant from the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation. The foundation offered a dollar for dollar match for all purchases made through the online Sharing Tree Impact Store on Cyber Monday, November 27th. The Cyber Monday grant match generated over $88,500 worth of basic need items and gifts for families.

Each year XALT Energy decorates a Christmas tree at their facility with ornamental tags describing a local family’s holiday wish. Employees select a tag, fulfill the wish and place the package under the tree. The XALT Energy elf collects the wishes from under the tree and drives the sleigh to United Way’s drop off location to be distributed.

Donations are being accepted at the online Impact Store through December 22, 2017. If you would like to help those in need in Midland County, or to learn more, visit the Sharing Tree Online Impact Store www.SharingTreeMidland.com.