We Are XALT Energy


XALT Energy was conceived to be a pioneering force, an industry leader in advanced energy storage solutions charged with navigating a very long (and growing) list of complicated energy challenges.

Lithium-ion cells are the product, and our mission is to create opportunities for innovation by opening doors for new ways of storing our most valuable energy resources. We’ve put the brightest engineering minds to work in cutting-edge facilities, and we’ve told them that the only limitation is their imagination. The results thus far are nothing short of revolutionary.

XALT Energy unites viable, scalable large-format cell technology with the market franchise, manufacturing expertise and market knowledge necessary to be a revolutionary advanced cell manufacturer.

MBP Investors, LLC, an affiliate of Townsend Ventures, LLC, is the majority owner of XALT Energy. Townsend Ventures, LLC is the sustainable energy-focused division of Townsend Capital, LLC, a privately held investment firm based in Maryland. More information about Townsend Ventures can be found at www.TownsendVentures.com.